can doctor strange beat superman

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 can doctor strange beat superman in one on one fight

Can doctor strange beat Superman

I will accept this question is about comics

What's more, to that, im going to ask… . which adaptation?

Exemplary Dr. Unusual is from when enchantment has zero prerequisite except if the plot requests it, has zero sorcery energy required. what's more, can project "anything he desires".

What's more, I mean in a real sense. Weird has each and every spell for each event.

Believe Batman's tool belt, with the exception of omniversal. This is back when enchantment is anything the author maintains that it should be.

This Abnormal would overcome Superman with no battle occurring

Blood Book of scriptures/Dark Minister Dr. Odd is when Bizarre obtained a protective cap of the Dark Cleric and set off to track down them. he acquired the force of "words". any words verbally expressed will become reality. The Dark Minister requires different of them and "talk" them.

Abnormal has every one of the words in his body

This Weird is basically the second most remarkable being in the entire all that under God Destruction

This Bizarre would overcome Superman with an idea

Present day Peculiar/Nerfed Abnormal is fundamentally Bizarre of the advanced stories, having nerfed to blankness to make his accounts really fascinating, going from losing his powers/as of now not the alchemist incomparable/requiring a wide range of things and relics for his spells, with additional strong spells requiring a lot of prerequisites

This Abnormal changes between strong to pointless

He's either feeble, lost his powers, truly strong in the wake of getting a force of some kind or another/curios, lost his powers once more, futile, strong, pointless, strong.

Furthermore, he generally just grumbles, also each and every ones of his accounts are for all intents and purposes a progression of disappointments. possibly at last succeeding toward the end when he becomes "Over powered". and afterward next episode he's a disappointment once more.

This Unusual would lost the battle before he can try projecting any spell.

My second reason about doctor strange vs Superman

To keep it straightforward, Superman isn't safe to enchantment. It doesn't make him breakdown like tissue, or let you immediately ignore his different capacities in general or anything, yet he can't just force the "immune" thing he does with all the other things. Subsequently the vast majority of what Specialist Abnormal has, will function admirably on Superman.

Assuming it was an immediate battle, where Peculiar express needed to battle Kal El in a back street or something, a point could be made that Superman's speed and response time would let him essentially turn Unusual (who is human) into a fume trail before he could respond. I'll give Superman credit, particularly since he's a DC character, I don't consider one Specialist Unusual's spiritualist safeguards could really endure say Superman's intensity vision, or retain punch from a person who can essentially move systems… . anyway if Bizarre got off a solitary spell, it would be exactly the same thing, since he can end Superman with a word basically. I mean all through the years Superman has been altogether transformed into creatures and such by sorcery, and Odd can do stuff like that, and its an optimal method for managing somebody like Superman. I even recollect one old story I read (could have been one of my dad's old comics) where Catwoman had some enchanted charm or something and transformed Superman into a feline and put him in an enclosure, I dubiously recall thinking it was adorable that the feline was all the while wearing the Superman cape despite the fact that the remainder of his ensemble changed.

One thing about Weird that I will raise is that he can kind of be a jerk with regards to conflicts, one of his #1 stunts is "Astral Projection" and keeping in mind that it can differ with the essayists much of the time Odd is completely ready to utilize sorcery on individuals through his Astral structure when he is very else totally. This means, assuming Abnormal was defying Superman based on his conditions, he could really be not even close to Superman, and Superman isn't all-knowing, so he would not be able to tell where on earth this person is. This means even in the back street battle above, regardless of whether Superman had the principal chance, it wouldn't make any difference in the event that Weird wasn't truly there in the first place and was say 10,000 miles away, or taking on the conflict from another aspect, or something to that effect… he's Primary care physician Odd, so composed at his full, wicked power level he truly can be a jerk that way… and definitely that could make this Truly uneven and leave Superman being express transformed into a newt, expelled to another aspect, or any of a lot of other stuff. Truly strong wizardry clients like Odd have done something like that like that to him previously so… . this is one of the sorts of characters with an extraordinary history against Superman.

No doubt fundamentally I think Specialist Unusual, could beat Superman. However to be completely fair, I could likewise think of ways for Superman to win without pushing excessively hard, I mean he's been around for like 100 years and there are a wide range of ludicrous Super-Arsepulls that could be utilized. In any case, by and large I figure Steven ought to have this one, regardless of the common guideline that DC characters will ordinarily overcome Wonder ones because of a lot higher generally speaking power level in the universe.

Gracious and assuming your pondering super-Arsepulls, it would be something truly crazy, such as recalling that at one at once "Super Spellbinding" and it was utilized to make sense of why no one sorted out Clark Kent was Superman in spite of the horrible mask… . indeed this was a thing, they really composed it where Superman was fundamentally in a split second spellbinding everybody he met with relaxed exertion, and it was dumb… . yet in addition addresses an incredibly strong mental assault on the off chance that you really bring something like this up. Utilizing super-entrancing one could contend Superman could fundamentally make Specialist Unusual (or anybody) nod off any time he needed, and I accept he utilized it that way two or multiple times. So regardless of whether Specialist Abnormal was in another aspect, utilizing his astral structure, he may very well you know… . sleep. Obviously Superman actually couldn't really beat him (no thought where he is, no real way to get to him) yet could pull off a draw with that ludicrous little outing through a world of fond memories… . obviously to be fair there is no proof that any rendition of Superman has had anything like this for a really long time, however recollect kids… at one time Superman had a power for all that anybody could remember to place the word Super before. :)


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