what does pink kryptonite do to superman

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 what does pink kryptonite do to superman ?

what does pink kryptonite do to superman ?

Kryptonite is a vital material for Superman and other Kryptonians. This includes pink Kryptonite, blue Kryptonite, gold Kryptonite and more such colorful rocks from the DC universe. This controversial material keeps cropping up in different storylines of the Superman series.

It is essential to know about Kryptonite because of the effect it has on the Superhero. Now that various colours of the material have been introduced to DC fans, a look into the influence of each is warranted.

Though introduced almost two decades ago, pink Kryptonite is rarely brought back into stories. It is therefore pertinent to ask what the writers intended to show with this substance, since it affects Superman’s gender-specific behaviour. This article explores the various aspects of pink Kryptonite – how it works and what its variations are.

Pink Kryptonite: What is it?

This Kryptonite is a version of the Green Material from Krypton (Image via DC and Mercado Livre)

This Kryptonite is a version of the Green Material from Krypton (Image via DC and Mercado Livre)

Presented first in Supergirl Vol.4 #79 in 2003, pink Kryptonite was an amusing and controversial addition to the story. Exposure to this stuff changed the flying hero’s behavior towards Jimmy. He then complimented Jimmy’s choice of clothing, referring to his looks in a bow tie. Moreover, the superhero admired the window design near Jimmy Olson.

Though clichéd, the transformed dialogs and behavior hinted at a change in the superhero's gender orientation. It is unclear what the writers wanted to achieve with this. However, readers are still entertained by this transformation in their favorite fighter.




anyways, happy pride month to melissa being so interested by the idea of what pink kryptonite does to a kryptonian that she wanted a whole episode based on it

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The storyline gives no indication of the origin of the pink-K. It is unclear whether it was lab-created or made accidentally. The red and white Kryptonites come from the original green one, but changed color and properties due to their journey through space and space materials. The pink shade may have also been formed due to the space travel of the green one.

Kryptonite-X and red-green-gold Kryptonite are examples of malevolently created Kryptonite. It could be that pink-K was a similar kind of substance meant to cause confusion in the fighter’s actions and performances. At the very least, it puts him Superman in awkward situations.

How does Pink Kryptonite affect Superman?

The pink-K changes Superman's gender orientation (Image via Pinterest and iQui

The pink-K changes Superman's gender orientation (Image via Pinterest and iQuilibrio)

With its gender reorientation abilities, pink Kryptonite turned Superman temporarily gay. The otherwise balanced superhero turned funny with his praises on fashion sense and interior décor. This stereotypical attitude was a satire on the plots and characters of Silver Age comics.

However, this bizarre depiction by the writers did not clarify whether this was a one-off case. It leaves a lot to the imagination about the outcomes on a person with a different prior orientation.

Kryptonite and was happy to see it had only 1 listed appearance. DC: Quietly brushes that oops under the carpet.

The pink super material has had very few panels dedicated to it. Besides the Supergirl comic, it also featured in a short animation called True Colors.

In this episode of Justice League, Firestorm turns Metallo’s Kryptonite heart pink. It transforms the Man of Steel into a Woman of Steel but holds onto his powers and traits.


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